The Restaurant

Great scenery x Great delicacy

The great delicacy accompanied with the great surrounding scenery brings you the ultimate honor in sense of sight, smell and taste

A forest-like warm atmosphere

The wooden and stone interior architecture of The Restaurant was carefully designed to create the warmth and the secretive space of a forest environment. In addition, our open window kitchen provides a view of our chefs’ professional work. Sitting at The Restaurant will let you feel at ease as if at the comfort of your home, yet experiencing a mystifying feeling.

Spring, wood, tree, stone, the combination of nature

Standing at the outdoor area, you can overlook at the combined features of mother nature, such as hot springs, wood, trees, and rocks.Hot spring water pours out from the three-layered steps creating a misty smoke, while the power of nature forces gurgling mountain water to cascade down from the huge water wall. What an awesome utopian getaway inside of Taipei City!

Premium stunning cuisine

There are always surprising and fresh ingredients you can find on the table at The Restaurant. Under Chef Jimmy’s skillful lead, the original taste of ingredients are ultimately displayed by his unique cooking techniques. Those premium ingredients are magically transformed into delicious plates in front of your eyes.

Meal Time

Lunch Hours: 12:00pm ~ 14:00pm.

Dinning Hours: 18:00pm ~ 22:00pm.

Last order: 30 minutes prior to closing time (13:30, 20:00).