Prestige Villa 32


Ultimate Dinner & SPA: Room rates ( are not subject to 10% service charge and 5% tax. )+ NT$20,000, you can enjoy the chef's recommended set menu and 90-minute meridian treatments for two guests.
(original price of chef's recommended set menu is NT$5,800+10% per person, 90-minute meridian treatment is NT$5,800 per person)


Premium European Suite (Azure)
Holiday: NT$28,800 + 10% + 5% tax
Weekday: NT$26,800 + 10% + 5% tax

Premium Japanese Suite (Matsu, Sakura)
Holiday: NT$26,800 + 10% + 5% tax
Weekday: NT$25,800 + 10% + 5% tax

Deluxe European Suite (Jade, Crystal)
Holiday: NT$19,800 + 10% + 5% tax
Weekday: NT$18,800 + 10% + 5% tax


The package can be used on both weekdays and holidays.
Special holidays are excluded from this package: Chinese New Year, Western Valentine's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
Villa32 retains the right to change the activity contents.
Reminder, all guests need to be above the age of 16.


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